Join the Fleet! 


There are a number of ways to join Shields Fleet One.  Of course, the vast majority of people participating in Shields sailing are sailing as crew.  Shields are normally sailed with 3-4 crew in addition to the helmsman.  Email the Fleet Captain to find a skipper needing crew.

Looking to steer a Shields?  The the best option is to buy a boat.  Buy a new boat from Cape Cod Shipbuilding.  Or, visit the Shields National Class website for the latest info on used boats on the market.

Cape Cod Shipbuilding, the original builder of the Shields commissioned by Cornelius Shields along with Olin Stephens is still making new Shields to this day.  The boats are gorgeous and the craftsmanship unsurpassed.  A few new boats are getting built every year...



Please feel free to contact the Fleet Captain for assistance in locating a Shields

to crew on or to purchase, charter, or co-skipper...

Boats for Sale