Rules and Regulations of Shields Fleet One


A. Sails

1.) Except as specifically permitted below, all sails used by each boat must have been acquired as part of a Fleet group order from the sail maker designated by Shields Fleet One for that sail.

2.) The Fleet’s Group orders are in the following rotation:

YearSail in RotationSailmaker
2026 Jib (to be determined)
2025 Main (to be determined)
2024 Jib (North Sails)
2023 Spinnaker (North Sails)
2022 Jib (North Sails)
2021 Main (North Sails)
2020 Jib (North Sails)
2019 Spinnaker (North Sails)
2018 Jib (North Sails)
2017 Main (North Sails)
2016 Jib (North Sails)
2015 Spinnaker (North Sails)
2014 Jib (North Sails)
2013 Main (North Sails)
2012 Jib (North Sails)
2011 Spinnaker (North Sails)
2010 Jib (North Sails)
2009 Main (North Sails)
2008 Jib (North Sails)
2007 Spinnaker (UK Halsey)
2006 Jib (UK Halsey)
2005 Main (North Sails)
2004 Jib (North Sails)
2003 Spinnaker (North Sails)
2002 Jib (North Sails)
2001 Main (North Sails)
2000 Jib (North Sails)
1999 Spinnaker (North Sails)

3.) (i) A boat brought into the Fleet by purchase or charter may use sails from that yacht’s existing inventory so long as those sails were properly acquired under the Shields Class Specifications and the local rules, if any, of the other Fleet.

(ii) Subject to all other sale acquisition restrictions, a Fleet member may use a new or deferred sail acquisition credit to acquire a used sail from another Fleet member, provided that the used sail itself was properly acquired within the Fleet, and measured and marked by the Fleet measurer at an earlier date.

(iii) A Fleet member may use a deferred sail acquisition credit to acquire brand new sails, provided that:

For example, if in 2007, a Fleet member has a deferred sail acquisition credit which had been carried since 2001, the Fleet member may use the deferred sail acquisition credit to acquire a brand new mainsail made by North. The 2001 deferred sail acquisition credit may not be used to acquire a brand new jib or a brand new spinnaker since neither sail was in rotation in 2001. In addition, the 2001 deferred sail acquisition credit may not be used to acquire a brand new mainsail from UK Halsey or any other sail maker since North was the sail maker who was most recently designated by the Fleet for the Fleet Group mainsail order.

4.) All new sails must be measured, approved and marked in accordance with the Shields Class Rules.

Any sail acquired in 3 (i-iii)  must  be measured and marked for the acquiring boat, just as if it were a new sail, and it is treated for all purposes the same as a new sail acquisition under the Class’s sail acquisition rules.

5.) All Fleet One Spinnakers acquired in ithe Fleet Group Purchase shall be white with one red and one blue stripe across the top of the sail.

Measurement of Sails

6.) All sails will be measured under the supervision of the Fleet Measurer.

7.) Use of Sails for National Championship / Backup Spinnakers

B. Racing Rules

The rules of the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound shall govern all Fleet races unless otherwise specified. All yachts entering Fleet races shall comply with these Regulations and with the Constitution, By-laws and Specifications of the Shields Class Sailing Association.

C. Racing Schedule – Qualification and Scoring:

D. White Flag:

If a skipper notifies the Fleet Recorder or one of the Fleet Officers in advance of a race, and their yacht flies a white flag from the backstay during the race, the yacht's score will not be counted toward the Season Championship or other series. If the Recorder or an Officer is not notified in advance, the race will be scored regardless of who is sailing or what flag is displayed.

When a yacht flies a white flag and the proper notification is given, the race will not count for qualification. The yacht will be included in the number of starters for that race and the white flagged yacht's finishing position will be counted in determining the finishing position of other yachts. The white flag yacht can protest and be protested to redress a foul.

The white flag is designed to encourage participation without jeopardizing season standings. Skippers are encouraged to exercise discretion in loaning their boats to guest skippers. Be certain the guest skipper has a good understanding of the Racing Rules and will not be a hazard on the starting line or the racecourse.

E. Fleet Dues:

The following are the various classes of Fleet membership and the annual dues for each:

Only Regular Members can vote. All classes of membership have the privilege of offering suggestions and comments to the Fleet and shall receive Fleet Mailings.

Fleet dues are to be paid before the start of the racing season. The Fleet Committee may change Fleet dues without approval of the membership.

F. Fleet Officers:

The business of the Fleet shall be administered by a Fleet Committee consisting of a Captain, or one or more Co-Captains or Vice President, and a Scorer, Treasurer and Measurer, who shall be elected for terms of one year. A Recorder shall be appointed by the other members of the Committee.

G. Financial Management:

The Captain and the Treasurer are empowered to open and sign on the Fleet bank account.

H. Hiking:

The following National rules on hiking are enforced within Fleet One:

I. Haul-Outs:

During the racing season (from the first race of the Spring series to the last race of the Summer series, inclusive), no yacht shall be hauled out more frequently than once every 28 days or more than a total of three times. The first haul-out may be at any time, but thereafter, a yacht must remain in the water 28 days before being hauled out again. Beaching shall be considered a haul-out.

In the event of an accident requiring the haul-out of a yacht, other than permitted above, the facts must be submitted promptly in writing to the Fleet Committee for its approval. If such an emergency haul-out is approved, future haul-outs shall date therefrom and it will be excluded from the three haul-out rules.

The Fleet will maintain a separate document containing the procedures for use of the Hoists at the Larchmont Yacht Club.

The Fleet will maintain a list of active Fleet members who are approved to supervise the use of the Hoist for the purposes of hauling a Fleet yacht.

J. Equipment:

In addition to the equipment listed in the Shields Class Specifications, the following are permitted for Fleet racing only (not in outside regattas or the National Championships):